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Tuesday, June 8th, 2004
10:25 pm
what a rush! school is over, i'm back home. well, rather, i WAS at home. right now i'm training to try out for a few quidditch teams, number one, of course, being wimbourne wasps; sure you didn't see that coming. there are a few others, but it is my primary focus. i can't wait to get to spend all my time devoted to the only thing i ever truely loved (sorry meg): QUIDDDY!!! so good luck to you poor slobs left in hoggy's. perhaps i can drop by now and then, and of course i shall try to meet up with some of you along the summer holidays. let me know what you're up to.

and that. is that.

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Sunday, May 30th, 2004
2:24 pm
did you know that the americans have tomorrow off from school and work? we have a bank holliday, too, yet we still have to take exams. how effing ridiculous is that??? it has me very perturbed, i will tell you that.

not too long till i'm outta here. full time quidditch, here i come!

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Monday, May 24th, 2004
6:03 pm
seven days until my life is destroyed, seven days. seven days till newts, all. seven, seven days.

'twas nice knowing.

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Sunday, May 2nd, 2004
3:56 pm
that picnic the other day was nice, marlene.

it's so beautiful out this afternoon that i'm going to be outside. doing god knows what, but not studying, and not quidditch becuase i'm rather sore from pracice yesterday. hope to see many of you out there.

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Thursday, April 29th, 2004
4:08 pm
well i just had a lovely and depressing conversation with the irascible remus lupin. about our futures. damn, that kid knows exactly what he needs to do and how to do it, and so many goals. certainly my goals are good for me and MORE than attainable -- you know the pro quiddy teams are all dying to get their hands on me, in more ways than one, -- but i guess his seem so much more elegant than mine. then again, i'd never be caught dead with a desk job, not even for the ministry, not even if they APPOINTED me to head of magical games and sports. never never never. so really, there's no reason for me to be down about this, i just feel like maybe i'm not good enough.

NEWTS soon.

as you can all tell, the club has taken a nosedive since the unfortunate incident in france. thank you, lily and remus, for being faithful and coming to the meetings, despite your busy schedules and whatnot. i'm meeting with flitwick tomorrow to discuss the state of things. my guess is it probably won't live to see the end of the term. what a pity.

since we've been working on changing ones' appearance with spells in transfiguration, (something to do with the "noble students who want to continue the fruitful tradition of being an auror, a position who protects us and with which we could not live without," according to mcgonnagal,) i'm going to change my hair colour this weekend. colour suggestions? i'm thinking blue, to spite the silly little jokesters who bested me and marlene earlier this year. i can always change it back. and if i can't, someone with better marks can.

i need me a girlfriend. too much free time on my wandering hands.

guess i'll go read now. or take a nap. we shall see.

yeah, nap will definitely be winning out.

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Saturday, April 17th, 2004
7:44 pm
today was fucking amazing. i got up at 8, had some breakfast, then practiced with the team for a couple hours. after a long lunch and a rest, i flew by myself and worked on endurance until 5. dinner. then dessert by myself and reading. very lovely.

and now i'm going for a walk.

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Monday, April 5th, 2004
5:39 pm
anyone want to come visit and go swimming in the river near by? i dont have any plans tomorrow. dad has to work so we couldnt go anywhere. so... owl me or whatever.

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Thursday, April 1st, 2004
10:25 pm
i want bloody out right now. this is just SICK and i want bloody out. i can't believe i live in a world where... oh GOD, i feel like i have to scourgify myself or something!

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Monday, March 22nd, 2004
9:42 pm
maybe im just paranoid, but ive seen the looks in the halls. and ive heard the hushes when i walk by. once and for all, im a bumbling idiot and you lot know it well- i knew nothing about the abduction prior to nor during it. frankly, i know very little now. ill bet bertha knows more than i now (or has heard more anyhow.) so stop treating me like a homocidal maniac, ickle under-years, and stop being suspicous of everyone on the trip, halfwit upper-years. hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, thats my motto.

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Sunday, March 21st, 2004
10:44 pm
well... im not sure if you... i... well see if they let us have another field trip again ever.

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Thursday, March 18th, 2004
9:12 pm
au revoir!

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Monday, March 15th, 2004
8:26 pm
alright, fine, i throw up my hands. if the TEACHERS don't even have to stick to their own rules then i don't know why i should have to. i met with flitwick this afternoon to discuss some details for the trip starting friday and mcconagal came in, said she was glad we were both there, had something to tell us. she's giving special permission for james and kingsley to go on the trip too, for "career focuss reasons and opportunities hogwarts could never provide." apparently they have shown GREAT interest in becoming aurors or sommat and the school we're visiting has this famous DADA teacher with whom they will be meeting and working with. frankly i think its a crock of bullshit they came up with in order to skive off school for a few days, even though kingsley is smarter than that and potter needs all the learning he can get. (sorry boys, but im quite steamed at the moment, nothing personal.) thus our ranks have swelled and i'm fuming because i'm not in complete and utter totalitarian control.

now if you will excuse me, i actually have some work to do to prepare for this, other than packing and the other niceties involved. bet you all wonder how we're traveling there don't you?

marlene- i think you and i should have a talk within the next couple of days. just to clear the air a bit. and i miss just getting to talk with you, something we havent done in a month. exactly. so... i dont know, contact me.

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Thursday, March 11th, 2004
6:28 pm
well, those of you who are going know for sure now. and for those of you who dont, its marlene, remus, lily, me, flitwick, that gryffindor third year- hannah something, and that 5th year ravenclaw, philip something, and that fourth year hufflepuff girl.... blond.... well i only had a small say in who got to go and i was pulling for remus marlene and lily, so flitwick picked the younger kids. anyhow, it promises to be great fun and we leave NEXT FRIDAY can you believe it??? i cant wait.

i wish it were tomorrow now. so i didnt have this mountain of work to worry about... gah. damn newts.

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Tuesday, March 9th, 2004
6:13 pm
well, flitwick and i have finished compiling the final list of those who are going on the now well publicised trip. i glare at you all. however, if your name is on the list and you arent at the meeting you lose your spot. its sort of the accountability factor. and no, no one will be replacing you, the list is final and can only shrink. (unless faculty wants to join us, but we are well chaparoned so i HOPE WITH ALL MY HEART no more of them want to come.)

i am very hungry. i trained hard today and the team really needs to start hammering the drills more. we've been slacking off as of late, and its partially my fault for being worried about other things. never fear, bagman returns.

good luck with the mystery, lily.


current mood: hungry

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Wednesday, March 3rd, 2004
9:27 pm
hm, the intern'l wizzard meeting was rather much larger than usual, attributed in part, i think, to a nasty rumor about some trip to france? i cant imagine how that could have started, but a great many must have been disapointed. i DO hope to see the majority of you there again anyway, if not for the sheer delight of making an impact on the world, then for the chance to spend an hour with a few of your more well rounded classmates.

in other news, NEWTS are possitively killing me. i havent a notion how im going to pass any of them, so im focussing on quidditch training because thats whats going to earn me my paychecks as soon as im out of hogwarts. i promise you all, the name ludo bagman will be more famous one day then you could ever dream.

thirdly, im in a spot of trouble with some of my transfigurations work, anyone want to offer a hand?

and finally, i hate meghan mccormack with a firey passion that burns deep within my core being, a passion that has taken deep root and will soon be blossoming into a tree that grows fruit large enough to crush her beautiful sprite sexy nimble fragile body like the cockroach that she is. although i dont blame marlene in the slightest and am rather happy that things are back to being as they were last june, the way things should be, with a more then plentiful heaping of animosity between mccormack and myself and the tendrils of the friendly love i know marlene and i share. just in case you all wanted a peek inside my innermost thoughts, there you are. please leave me now to snack in peace, as i have knicked some pie and butterbeer.

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Tuesday, March 2nd, 2004
9:45 pm
so i was meeting with flitwick today and i think we have something really neat in store for the next intnat'l wiz. meeting. so i encourage you all to go.

and life is just a bowl full of cherries right now.

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Monday, March 1st, 2004
7:34 pm - i am human and i need to be loved, just like everybody else does.
i wish. i wish we didnt have to live this way. and i fear that this is only the shadow of a criminally vulgar future. but what are we to do? sit here and take it? march on, ignoring the destruction, doing nothing in particular? or get in there and fight! storm in to save the day and have our legs cut out from under us while our pride and richeousness blinds us from the threat we're trying to defeat. i wish we werent faced with such impossible odds. i wish the odds werent so impossible if we have to have an ultimatum.

and right now there are people dying. DYING. INNOCENTS. innocent people dying and what are we doing? sitting here in our little school, trotting from class to class, gossiping, wrapped up in our little games while our families, our leaders, some of our peers even, deal with the unthinkable. think of the stratafication that must be happening on an international level- who trusts who? who is sabatoging who? WHAT CAN BE DONE? join my club, make a friend, lose yourself in the joys of adolecent relationships while repairing the bridges crumbling between the nations of our world.

we are in the calm. prevent the storm.

: : Ludo

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Sunday, February 22nd, 2004
4:20 pm
you know, this anti-social, tail between my legs thing is starting to get old. maybe next weekend someone might like to do something. i guess ill go fly some, cuz my homework is basically done...

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Saturday, February 21st, 2004
9:18 pm
it's been one week since you looked at me...

yep, still ashamed.

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Monday, February 16th, 2004
4:35 pm
I'll be working in my dorm the library an empty classroom somewhere. Frankly I don't know where. But I'll have my journal if contact with me is absolutely pertinent. Which I'm sure it won't be. Will it?

current mood: nervous

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