ludo bagman (wimbournewasps) wrote,
ludo bagman

i am human and i need to be loved, just like everybody else does.

i wish. i wish we didnt have to live this way. and i fear that this is only the shadow of a criminally vulgar future. but what are we to do? sit here and take it? march on, ignoring the destruction, doing nothing in particular? or get in there and fight! storm in to save the day and have our legs cut out from under us while our pride and richeousness blinds us from the threat we're trying to defeat. i wish we werent faced with such impossible odds. i wish the odds werent so impossible if we have to have an ultimatum.

and right now there are people dying. DYING. INNOCENTS. innocent people dying and what are we doing? sitting here in our little school, trotting from class to class, gossiping, wrapped up in our little games while our families, our leaders, some of our peers even, deal with the unthinkable. think of the stratafication that must be happening on an international level- who trusts who? who is sabatoging who? WHAT CAN BE DONE? join my club, make a friend, lose yourself in the joys of adolecent relationships while repairing the bridges crumbling between the nations of our world.

we are in the calm. prevent the storm.

: : Ludo
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