ludo bagman (wimbournewasps) wrote,
ludo bagman

hm, the intern'l wizzard meeting was rather much larger than usual, attributed in part, i think, to a nasty rumor about some trip to france? i cant imagine how that could have started, but a great many must have been disapointed. i DO hope to see the majority of you there again anyway, if not for the sheer delight of making an impact on the world, then for the chance to spend an hour with a few of your more well rounded classmates.

in other news, NEWTS are possitively killing me. i havent a notion how im going to pass any of them, so im focussing on quidditch training because thats whats going to earn me my paychecks as soon as im out of hogwarts. i promise you all, the name ludo bagman will be more famous one day then you could ever dream.

thirdly, im in a spot of trouble with some of my transfigurations work, anyone want to offer a hand?

and finally, i hate meghan mccormack with a firey passion that burns deep within my core being, a passion that has taken deep root and will soon be blossoming into a tree that grows fruit large enough to crush her beautiful sprite sexy nimble fragile body like the cockroach that she is. although i dont blame marlene in the slightest and am rather happy that things are back to being as they were last june, the way things should be, with a more then plentiful heaping of animosity between mccormack and myself and the tendrils of the friendly love i know marlene and i share. just in case you all wanted a peek inside my innermost thoughts, there you are. please leave me now to snack in peace, as i have knicked some pie and butterbeer.
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