ludo bagman (wimbournewasps) wrote,
ludo bagman

well i just had a lovely and depressing conversation with the irascible remus lupin. about our futures. damn, that kid knows exactly what he needs to do and how to do it, and so many goals. certainly my goals are good for me and MORE than attainable -- you know the pro quiddy teams are all dying to get their hands on me, in more ways than one, -- but i guess his seem so much more elegant than mine. then again, i'd never be caught dead with a desk job, not even for the ministry, not even if they APPOINTED me to head of magical games and sports. never never never. so really, there's no reason for me to be down about this, i just feel like maybe i'm not good enough.

NEWTS soon.

as you can all tell, the club has taken a nosedive since the unfortunate incident in france. thank you, lily and remus, for being faithful and coming to the meetings, despite your busy schedules and whatnot. i'm meeting with flitwick tomorrow to discuss the state of things. my guess is it probably won't live to see the end of the term. what a pity.

since we've been working on changing ones' appearance with spells in transfiguration, (something to do with the "noble students who want to continue the fruitful tradition of being an auror, a position who protects us and with which we could not live without," according to mcgonnagal,) i'm going to change my hair colour this weekend. colour suggestions? i'm thinking blue, to spite the silly little jokesters who bested me and marlene earlier this year. i can always change it back. and if i can't, someone with better marks can.

i need me a girlfriend. too much free time on my wandering hands.

guess i'll go read now. or take a nap. we shall see.

yeah, nap will definitely be winning out.
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